At Nelspruit Canvas and Shade we manufacture our shadenet carport  with steel structures and 90% shadenet roof panels. The shadenet carports are secured with galvanized cables. Our shadenet roof panels are reinforced on all corners for durabilit

Carport manufactured from steel with corrugated iron or chromodeck roofs.                                                 &n

Roofs manufactured of steel and various canvas roof panel options. Roof panel material options availabe are: Ripstop; DRI.Z; PVC; and shadenet. All these are fabrics are durable and weatherproof.              &nb

At Nelspruit Canvas and Shade our custom made canvas awnings have steel frames and covered with various material options like Ripstop; DRI.Z, Shadenet and awning canvass.  Also available ina variety of colours.       

The roll-up blind concept is easy to operate and simple in design.  The roll-up blind can be rolled up or down to achieve the correct amount of shading and clear windows can be inserted in the roll-up blinds providing a view even when the roller

These type of tented (canvas) and Safari Lodges are highly specialized structures and with an option of luxurious inner drapings. These structures are composed mainly of roofs, walls, side panels and drop awnings.  Canvas roofs are usu

At Nelspruit Canvas and Shade we manufacture quality custom made canvas covers for any vehicle (boats, trailers, trucks, aeroplanes, generators and motor bikes), plus many more applications.               &n

These bakkie canopies are made of steel frames and covered with canvas material.  Optional are windows with hand roll-up flaps and hand roll-up sides. These canopies are waterproof and safe guard the interior and contents of vehicle.

At Nelspruit Canvas and Shade we specialize in tonneau covers for bakkies that protect the contents in the load box from water, sun and goods from getting stolen.  Our tonneau covers are easy to fit and remove plus fitment of zips

At Nelspruit Canvas and Shade we are innovative thinkers and always come up with a solution for any problem. Further our solid pool covers help to provide for safety around the pool, conserve both water and power to make for household savings. Poo

At Nelspruit Canvas and Shade we offer an extremely large range of speciality items. Items are made to demand and we request that you visit our Photo Gallery to view our selection of items.  Listed here are a few of our speciality items, namely:

At Nelspruit Canvas and Shade bunting/banners/flags are decorative items made from durable PVC and come in bright colours.  When people see strings of bunting flying they want to know what exciting event is taking place. Make use of th

These products are manufactured on demand to your sepcifications.  These items range from anything as small as a cupholder to alterations to tents.  Please visit our Photo Gallery to view some of these items.

Another innovative product from Nelspruit Canvas and Shade; hammocks for chimps!  At Chimp Eden the chimps have been given durable hammocks made by Nelspruit Canvas and Shade in their cages to recline in. It has been such a hit with the chimps t