South Africa's rich natural history and many South African's love of the outdoors began as far back as the 18th Century - originally born out of necessity, when the first settlers embarked with ox wagons and tents to expand their territories to the North and East.  This nomadic lifestyle and enjoyment of the outdoors has been instilled in many a South African.                                   


The free life of the Trek Boers. Drawing (Cape Archives), Colouring (c) KGH 

Today, Nelspruit Canvas and Shade is proud to carry on the tradition of making beautiful tents that people still love and enjoy.  We have an expanded product range  and we now make an assortment of items ranging from something as small as a director's chair, to huge tented lodges and installations.


Nelspruit Canvas and Shade started out in the late 1990's and is presently a successful, fast-growing company.  We pride ourselves in delivering quality products within the best time possible.


Nelspruit Canvas and Shade is a young, innovative company with ample drive, enthusiasm and initiative.  We work closely with our clients from the onset of the project through to completion.  Our expertise in this field enables us to provide our client with suggestions and sound advice on product applications.


We invite you to browse through our site.  The Picture Gallery for Nelspruit Canvas and Shade is useful to demonstrate the quality of our workmanship and also brings to focus on the many applications within our canvas industry.  Our diversity and large of products will provide for all your canvas needs.


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